Nolan's complete testimony tells the miracle of his conversion and can be found another place on this website!

In About 1988 Nolan began his first assignment as the Assistant/Youth Pastor of Central Assembly of God Church in Horseheads NY under the leadership of Rev. Ronald Kleinstuber. Rev. Kleinstuber was the Regional Presbyter over fourteen churches.

He had had one youth pastorate before that but this was the first step in as an on staff church Youth and Assistant Pastor,  

Up until that date Nolan had headed up a fruitful  street ministry to the streets of Elmira for 31/2 years. 

He went on to head up 5 different youth pastorates three of them he built up from scratch. On one occasion simply sharing his heart on reaching youth a brand new youth group started up from his preaching in a church that night. 

He went on from there to become the Executive Director of Twin Tiers Youth for Christ running a drop in youth center for over 5 years. 

​Simultaneously he ran his own business which enabled him to work days as a substitute teacher in the BOCES educational program in Horseheads NY for 13 years. He was told the average sub with these behaviorally challenged kids lasted less that two weeks. Brother Nolan in the love of Christ lasted 13 years. This kept him not only in touch with church kids through his youth pastorate but in touch with the teens of the world in the public school system. 

Between his over thirty years in active youth ministry including his work in Teen Talk radio its safe to say he has touched hundreds of teenagers. Several are in the ministry today as a result of God using him. 

Simultaneously Nolan traveled wherever the door was open as what was called by many an Evangelist. His prophetic ministry was extended to include preaching hundreds of sermons under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. His specialty was showing up prayed up at a church knowing nothing about the needs there and was able to "Hit the nail on the head" with almost a hundred percent accuracy over and over again. As a result altars were full of God seeking people allowing him to perfect their walk in Him. 

Nolan says "As Paul said; I have been appointed a minister by grace having been the least of all the saints!" 

He believes his lifetime of suffering multiple things including being picked on a bullied as a child, being raised in a small Pennsylvania town with his fathers reputation of being a family of tenant farmers, and a list of painful heartaches, have kept him humble and broken to know God is his source and is easily able to give all the glory to Him! 

Brother Nolan has worked insanely hard for the Kingdom of God believing that this was a generation of young people who needed hero's Since the 1980's when he started Nolan has never received a salary for any of his ministry work but only love offerings along the way that God provided. He labored in five different things for the Kingdom over these many years. God only knows the countless hours and long days for many many years the Love of Christ compelled him to labor in. Dozens have found Christ and been strengthened in the Lord by His ministry. 

This year Rev. Harkness celebrated his 50th year since he first found Christ as a nine year old boy!




   Twin Tiers Youth for Christ Elmira NY


VERTICAL SOUND.... A sound coming down from heaven!